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Moody-Sandman Associates have over 30 years experience in the Mediterranean and North Africa working for dozens of clients and have completed over 200 reports; analysed data from approximately 150 wells and acted as well-site stratigraphers on 30 wells. In addition we have undertaken comprehensive field studies throughout Tunisia and northeast Libya involving structural analyses, sedimentology, stratigraphy, organic geochemistry and chemostratigraphy.

Most recently we have been involved in the mapping of the Cretaceous-Tertiary deposits of northeast Libya and in the identification of the structural events that have determined the distribution of the various facies belts. Our stratigraphic correlations extend from the Jabal Al Akhdar uplift across the Soluq and Sirte Basins into the Tripolitania region. We have also mapped the surface and subsurface geology of offshore Libya based on outcrop, core and in-house data.

Over the last two decades we have led over forty field trips to the region dealing with subsurface analogues and regional interpretation linked with exploration prospects.

• Libya • Tunisia • Central Mediterranean

• Exploration • Sedimentology • Stratigraphy

• Sirte & Soluq Basins • Jabar Al Akhdar • Tripolitania

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